Organize your life with a chat

Why use Bleet?

Whatsapp. Facebook. Kik. Everyone loves chatting with friends from their phone. But what if you had an app that let you chat to your hairdresser, your handyman, your babysitter, your kid's teacher or your personal trainer? Wouldn't it be awesome if it let you share a todo list, book an appointment, get a quote or share a video of the leaking tap you need fixed? Well, that's Bleet and we think it will help you get more done in less time with great service every day.

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Smart conversations
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Explain using pics & video
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One Touch Feedback
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Recommend & Refer

Fun, instant, effective conversations

"Say goodbye to playing tag:

- Missed phone calls
- Leaving voicemails
- Unanswered emails
- Random sms messages
- Paper of any kind
- Calendar clashes
- Missed appointments

Bleet replaces all of those painful & fragmented communication channels with a sleek, easy-to-use chat interface that helps customers & service providers get organised much more quickly and effectively. "

Bleet is free.

Your trusted social directory

Add your own network of providers and see who your friends use when you need to find someone to help you.

Get on the same page. Instantly

Bleet’s powerful chat tools enrich your conversations with really useful information. With a single tap, you can now ask a question and request that the answer has a photo or video to better explain a situation. It only takes a single tap to respond to that message and provide the media that was requested.

Get things done

Collaborate to get things done together using a shared checklist. Everyone gets updated on progress instantly

Get your life organized in seconds

With a single tap, you can request a quote from one of your providers for work you need done and they can respond just as quickly with a detailed quote.

Bleet also enables you make appointments for those jobs right from a chat message by intelligently connecting with your phone's calendar.

Feedback can be fun?

Provide feedback to your Providers using the fun selection of smileys. Each smiley represents a a customer service trait like "Thanks for being on time" allowing you to give rich feedback in just a tap. When you give feedback, it gets added to your providers profile, helping them build their reputation.

Bleet is free.

Meet the Bleet Team

Chris Boden
Founder & Product Lead

Chris designs and product manages Bleet. He has spent the last 12 years creating mobile apps at startups and formerly set up and ran the mobile division of Lonely Planet, helping it to become the leading travel publisher on mobile platforms.. Chris' apps have generated millions of downloads and been featured by Apple, Google, Nokia & others

Vlad Kofman
Co-founder & Software Lead

Vlad was one of the very first iPhone app developers, hacking on the platform before there was an sdk. He has created dozens of apps including the hugely popular Converter app. Vlad worked with Chris to develop the first translation app for iPhone, one of Apple's featured apps at the launch of the App Store

Simon Betschel
Co-founder & Business Lead

Simon leads the commercial development of Bleet. Over the past few years, he established a Silicon Valley beachhead for telecommunications giant, Telstra, developed best-practice partnerships with Google and Facebook, and masterminded the launch of Yelp in Australia. Previously, Simon led start-ups in mobile commerce, headed up Australia’s largest loyalty program, FlyBuys, and drove the digitization of Yellow Pages services for Australia’s 1.5M SMB’s.